African Animation
film Festival

October 17, 18 and 19, 2019

French Institute - Yaounde

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You can submit to the CANIMAF Festival every movie which is the outcome of an artistic work and whose characteristic corresponds to the definition of animation, which is: “the creation of animated images by the use of all techniques that give the illusion of movement expect for real movies”.


To register a movie, you should :

Read attentively and respect the rules of the festival available here
Fill the online registration form in any of the available categories
Send a link to watch your movie
Send two or three HD pictures of the movie of a JPEG or PNG format, minimum definition 300 dpi
  If your movie is selected, you will contacted by festival to sending your biography, filmography and photo
Send a list of subtitles if the folder to be projected contains subtitles
Vous dever soumettre le formulaire
Selection of movies of official categories is done by a selection committee appointed by Tous’anime. Decisions of this committee are without an appeal. The selection committee decides, from the pertinence or non-pertinence of a movie, to maintain, add or delete a category.
Registration is open to all animation movies completed between 2019 and June 2022, without any distinction at the level of the format. The origin and the technique.  
Registration is free and available here
NB: the CANIMAF Festival is made of several official categories which welcome created works.
Short animation movies
Long feature films
Advertisements and clips

2022 edition registrations is now open

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Les lieux du Festival

Le Festival CANIMAF constitué d'une section "Tacking-Place" se tient au sein des locaux de l'Instituts...

Les hébergements

Le Festival se déroule à Yaoundé au centre-ville, dans un lieu facilement accessible. Cette position...

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