African Animation
film Festival

October 17, 18 and 19, 2019

French Institute - Yaounde

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Context and JustificationThe African cinema animation is presently under a revolution (digital) as has never been the case in its history. With the advent of crowdfunding platforms and incubators, many animation projects are developed all over the continent and show fully the high degree of inspiration of the African youth. The industry is established and locally adapted to global trends, but on different scales. In Cameroon in particular, cinema animation is developing thanks to some initiatives like the “Jeun’anim” project for the promotion and introduction of animation techniques in primary schools through workshops, the Eman film project with the aim of preparing owners of animation projects (Cameroonians) for the Pitches at the International Annecy Festival 2018, thereby honouring Cameroon..

Despite the recent opening of some cinema halls at the capital, a majority of the population remains timid, thereby necessitating a change as far as the habit of consuming cultural works of art is concerned. Consequently, this means praising a movement that can on a single platform bring together all the links of the production and distribution chain, to share, debate and conceive innovative solutions that can make the experience continuously unique. It is thus on this bound to see the Cameroonian cinema animation emerge into multiple facets and with an always demanding public that the “Tous’anime” association, the main promotional actors of this sector in Cameroon created the CANIMAF, the annual important event which offers to everyone the opportunity to discover originally and through film animation, Africa in its cultural diversity..

The objective The objective of the African Cinema Animation (CANIMAF) is a festival dedicated to animation in all its forms and declension. Being the main cultural festival in Cameroon which honours animation, their directors and producers, it is bent o attaining many objectives as time goes by, which are :

Create a framework for expression and dissemation for African directors from within and without
Create an artistic and cultural proposition for the African and Cameroonian public in particular
Enable the discovery of new talents
Encourage the development of Cameroonian animation and progressively set up an industry comprising all links of the production chain
Set up on a database made of professionals, production studios, schools and other institutions
Enhance creations associated with the “Jeun’anim” project which is activated for the production of films in schools
Set a system to aid creation: scholarships, subventions, reading of scenario, project competitions, connecting project owners and financers
Sign partnerships with international festivals
Be one of the international forums of cinema animation in Africa


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Les lieux du Festival

Le Festival CANIMAF constitué d'une section "Tacking-Place" se tient au sein des locaux de l'Instituts...

Les hébergements

Le Festival se déroule à Yaoundé au centre-ville, dans un lieu facilement accessible. Cette position...

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