African Animation
film Festival

October 17, 18 and 19, 2019

French Institute - Yaounde

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Created on October 4, 2016, the “Tous’anime” association is engaged in the domains of cinema animation and video games. It set up projects of cultural actions aiming at their promotion and their development. The association made of young professional and amateurs with a passion for film animation and video games, has as intention to value all types of activities and events that can contribute to the discovery and emergence of new talents, to the professional orientation of the younger ones and to the acknowledgement of the success models.

Means of implementationTous’anime organizes events (festivals, seminars workshops, master class, discussion forums…) and sets up frameworks that are favorable for exchange among professionals, amateurs and those with a passion for film animation and video games. It is continuously in the quest for new forums for interaction that can raise up the membership of most youths to the different themes developed, with the contribution of professionals, groups, institutions, companies and all organisations that desire to support and share their experiences with the youths. The association through its project hopes to trigger passions, feed curiosities, and most especially arouse vocation and professional orientation in the youths.

Major projects of the association Our association has many projects while is has to continuously be renewed and sophisticated :

The first project is devoted to the CANIMAF festival which is a cultural action project which results from the will to promote all types of film animations which come from a work of art.
The second project is devoted to the “Jeun’anim” which is a blend of educational seminars on film animation and on video games, practical workshops on creation and directing, dedicated to enrolled pupils and students of primary and secondary schools respectively.

Support, follow up and participantsRegular meetings will enable the union of institutions and cultural actors to enlarge our plan of action and rally many partners. Participants, professionals and amateurs, artists and craftsmen, are passionate people who desire to meet young people and share with them. Supervisors present will act as a regulatory body between the youths and the participants and they will ensure the seminar runs with no problems. Among participants at the seminars are designers, colourists, graphic designers, graphics artist, ceramists, painters, editors, comedians, composers, scriptwriters, programmers, sound engineers, puppeteers, photographers, directors etc..




EBILA NKE F. Sandrine Présidente


SOFFO SIMO Jérôme Délégué Général


KUINGA TCHAKOUA Gilles Délégué Artistique

Marketing and Partnerships


SATCHOU Jacques E. Marketing and Partnerships Manager

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Les lieux du Festival

Le Festival CANIMAF constitué d'une section "Tacking-Place" se tient au sein des locaux de l'Instituts...

Les hébergements

Le Festival se déroule à Yaoundé au centre-ville, dans un lieu facilement accessible. Cette position...

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